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    Reminder from: educationanywhere Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/educationanywhere/cal 4th April in the History Wednesday April 4, 2012 12:00 pm -
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      Reminder from: educationanywhere Yahoo! Group
      Title: 4th April in the History
      Date: Wednesday April 4, 2012
      Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
      Repeats: This event repeats every year.
      Notes: 0188 Caracalla [Marcus Aureiius Antoniius] Roman emperor (211-17)
      1527 Abraham Ortelius [Ortels/Hortels] South Netherlands geographer
      1646 Antoine Galland French oriëntalist/interpreter
      1648 Grinling Gibbons sculptor/woodcarver
      1696 Giovanni Battista Tiepoldo painter
      1716 John Evangelist Schreiber composer
      1731 Francisco Morera composer
      1740 Wolfgang Nicolaus Haueisen composer
      1752 Niccolò Antonio Zingarelli composer (Andromeda)
      1755 Vincenc Masek composer
      1758 John Hoppner portrait painter
      1762 Stephen Storace composer
      1785 Bettina von Arnim German writer (This Book Belongs to the King)
      1785 Bettina Brentano composer
      1786 John Franklin British explorer (Arctic)
      1792 Thaddeus Stevens US Radical Republican congressional leader (Representative-R)
      1802 Dorothea Dix US, aroused interest in treatment of mental inmates
      1804 Joseph Fischhof composer
      1809 Benjamin Pierce US mathematician/astronomer
      1814 John Blair Smith Todd Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1872
      1817 John Wilson Sprague Brevet Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1893
      1820 Charles Devens Jr Major General, Brevet (Union volunteers), died in 1891
      1821 Linus Yale US, portrait painter/inventor (Yale cylinder lock)
      1823 Karl Wilhelm Siemens inventor (laid undersea cables)
      1823 Robert Byington Mitchell Brigadier General (Union volunteers)
      1826 Zénobe Théophile Gramme inventor (electric motor)
      1828 Margaret Oliphant Scotland, novelist/biographer (Beleaguered City)
      1831 Edward Cary Walthall Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1898
      1832 Jose Echegaray y Elizaguirre playwright/scientist (Teatro Escogido)
      1836 Jerome Hopkins composer
      1843 Hans Richter Györ (Raab/Gyoer) Hungary, conductor (Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra)
      1843 Hans Richter composer
      1858 Rémy de Gourmont French critic/writer (Physique de L'amour)
      1866 George P Baker US playwright (47 Workshop)
      1870 George A Smith Salt Lake City UT, 8th president of Mormon churc
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