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  • Brad Sherwood wrote: > Looking for help to have an EditPlus Regular Expressions perform > the following in a single Search & Replace operation. > Convert From > mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm xM where x = A or P and hh is between 01 and 12 > 06/14/2006 11:15 AM > 07/23/2007 01:55 PM > Convert To > mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm where hh is between 00 and 23 > 06/14/2006 11:15 > 07/23/2007 13:55 Problems like...
    Kurt Jung Jul 26, 2007
  • David Millet wrote: > Amazingly, almost everything in Editplus works perfectly > through wine. Take a look at the following URL for > information on what does not work: > http://www.editplus.info/wiki/Running_EditPlus_on_Linux Excellent page. Thanks for the lead, David. I look forward to giving this a whirl -- having EditPlus in both Linux and Windows will be a great benefit. -- Kurt
    Kurt Jung Jan 9, 2006
  • David Millet wrote: > Please let me know if you have any Editplus on Linux questions or > problems and I'll do my best to help. The basic question is how you are doing this at all. Are you using WINE and, if so, what are the limitations? I imagine the ActiveX HTML functionality must be impaired. What works well and what doesn't? -- Kurt Jung
    Kurt Jung Jan 9, 2006
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  • Phil Kirby wrote: I must have submitted around twenty requests, and as a programmer for more than 20 years, I think I know what to suggest, but not one suggestion has been adopted - not even a reply to let me know why. --- I'm very impressed with the EditPlus editor. I particularly like the support for filter tools. Knowing from Phil's observation that requests for features will...
    kwj_1 Feb 9, 2004