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  • Great solution! Works! Thank you, David Herb > Hi Herb, > >> 2. User tools; have not tried to run Windows programs (under wine) as >> user tools yet, but couldnt figure a way to trigger any local...Millet > > > http://www.editplus.com > Yahoo! Groups Links > > > > > -- Herbert Mraz http://www.sg-klagenfurt.at "Die Adler von der Sattnitzschanze" herb@^$1 webmaster@^$2
    Herbert Mraz Jan 13, 2006
  • ...not tried to run Windows programs (under wine) as user tools yet, but couldnt figure a way to trigger any local Unix programs... Herb > David Millet wrote: > >> Amazingly, almost everything in Editplus works perfectly >> through wine. Take a look at the following...
    Herbert Mraz Jan 10, 2006
  • ...outputfile open in edit plus, and when running the query, he results had been written to that window... hope that helps a little bit, Herb > I have been using e+ as basically an enhanced text editor. I have > not explored the tools option and wondered if it's even possible...
    Herbert Mraz Nov 13, 2003
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  • On Tue, 07 Oct 2003 20:05:07 -0000, pietro_porkpie wrote: > Does anyone have a syntax file for ESRI ArcIMS XML Project Files? > > Thanks, > > Pietro. As they are pure XML, a good choice would be any generic XML syntax file... as though they do not have special highlighting for valid AXL tags, if this is what you're looking for. -- Herbert Mraz hmraz@^$1 http://www.mapexplorer.com
    Herbert Mraz Oct 7, 2003
  • Hi, > BTW, is there any way to insert cliptext via keyboard rather than mouse? Tools > Preferences > Keyboard > Cliptext > CliptextInsert inserts the active cliptext into cursor position; Before applying, you have to use View > ViewToggleFocus (keycommand) to gain focus on the cliptext window, arrowUp/Down to select the cliptext, and then fire CliptextInsert... regards, herb
    Herbert Mraz May 23, 2003
  • ...as I am not coding Java/C++, but there might be the possibility to set up a user tool to browse through classes ? best regards, Herb 07.04.2003 14:02:27, "Thomas Filius" wrote: >Hi all, > >I recently downloaded edit+ and imho it's great. Ive ditched all my other...
    Herbert Mraz Apr 7, 2003
  • insert a line: #DELIMITER== for EditPlus to know the equal sign does not belong to the keyword...list all the characters that surround the keywords (braces, tags etc.) 18.03.2003 17:20:28, "fenris1996" wrote: >I am a new user to EditPlus, and I am trying to create an STX file >for FlexLM files. FlexLM is a licensing package, and I have been >charged with createing all of the...
    Herbert Mraz Mar 18, 2003
  • Thats because the java compiler output matches with the default pattern...that is: file name followed by : followed by line number... if the output from any other application, script or whatever has a different format, you need to make sure the regex backreferences spit out just the file name and line number (and even the column...) >Maybe I'm missing something. I'm not sure...
    Herbert Mraz Mar 12, 2003
  • ...browser'-shortcut (def: ctrl+b) to see it in action; when you hit the edit button, you get back to your source file... regards, herb 07.03.2003 01:46:55, "roseke123" wrote: >I realize that this issue may have been discussed, but the solutions >have been somewhat...
    Herbert Mraz Mar 7, 2003
  • you mean: ^(.*) +([0-9]+) + (plus behind the [0-9] character class...)? Marcin Gryszkalis wrote: >> motor\motor.c 332 Note 957: Function defined without a prototype >^(.*) +([0-9]) + >could be ok
    Herbert Mraz Jan 25, 2003