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  • It is possible that your PC doesn't have JS engine installed. Check for Windows Script Host: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Script_Host --- In editplus@^$1, "f.mariani@^$2.." wrote: > > I have this working on my laptop, but I have installed EditPlus on a new > PC, and I now get this error when running the user tool: > > Input Error: There is no script engine for file...
    Srdjan Oct 2, 2012
  • Try Polystyle (http://www.polystyle.com/) --- In editplus@^$1, "Thomas Tremain" wrote: > > Is there a code formatting tool that can easily integrate into EditPlus? > > > > Often when working with someone else's code, I prefer a different > formatting. > > > > Thomas Tremain > > > > > > > > > > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] >
    srdjan.markovic Oct 16, 2009
  • It would be nice to have Function Patterns for different languages on one place (for example in Files page of this group or Editplus Wiki) where users can post their patterns. It will be very useful for beginners.
    srdjan.markovic Jun 8, 2009
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  • When I need to see appearance of specific variable in the document, I usually set markers (in the Find dialog) --- In editplus@^$1, "Bronius Motekaitis" wrote: > > Hmm.. I've never seen it myself, but it does sound handy if done right. > What I do atm is highlight, CTRL-F, ESC, then bear down on F3 to repeat > search and watch it dance across my document.... > > > On Fri, Aug 8...
    srdjan.markovic Aug 10, 2008
  • Hi list Is there a way to submit currently opened css file from EditPlus to w3 server for validation? Thank you...
    srdjan.markovic May 31, 2008
  • Hi Is there a way to use IE Developer Toolbox from within EditPlus browser window? It is quite usefull tool but I can access it only from IE Toolbar. I prefer not to launch IE in order to use it. Thanks
    srdjan.markovic Dec 2, 2007
  • --- In editplus@^$1, Tom Ditmars wrote: > > On 25-Nov-07 13:43, Nerissa wrote: > > > Do any of you know how I can simply get the program to open normally > > without the warning box? > > Have the program's author pay for a valid digital signature. :( > -- > _______________________________________________________________ > Tom Ditmars zarggg [at] zarggg [dot] net KeyID: 0xF6CD6377...
    srdjan.markovic Nov 27, 2007