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  • You can try BBEdit I found the features powerful. Jagdishwar On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 15:27:58 -0500, DZ-Jay wrote: > > Hello: > I just bought a new MacMini (my first venture into AppleLand! woohoo!), > and the one thing I will miss the most will be my trusted, > battle-scarred, EditPlus, which I have been using faithfully for years, > since the early days of version 1.x. I know this...
    Jagdishwar B Mar 29, 2005
  • It is not possible in editplus because in the find expression we cannot determine the previous character after cursor passes to the next character. you can separately find out whether it contains aaa or bbb*, etc i feel we cannot write the generalized expression to find aaa, bbb, xxx etc, Jagdishwar On Wed, 02 Mar 2005 10:19:55 -0000, Bogdan AXINIA wrote: > > > Hello, I want to ask...
    Jagdishwar B Mar 2, 2005