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  • _izme_
    1• When I try to authenticate a session using Pageant (Public Key), EditPlus errs Disconnect request from server afterwards Cannot create the FTP
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6 11:10 AM
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      1• When I try to authenticate a session using Pageant (Public Key), EditPlus errs "Disconnect request from server" afterwards "Cannot create the FTP connection". The Pageant key is working fine for other programs.
      2• Label rename ability in Project file listing since if we have a file by same name from multiple locations it's not easy to identify if you just look at the label(name) of the file in the Project
      3• "Current file" should be default checked "Find in files" Or an option in Preferences.
      4• In the "Find" Dialog auto-complete feature can you show the latest
      searched-for entry in place of alphabetical prediction. Let me give
      you an example -
      Suppose following are the entries I attempted to find in the exact order -
      Now if I press just "l" (or "L") then it suggests me "Lime" as an
      auto-complete entry. Now I was expecting that it would suggest me
      "Luke" as that was last string I searched for. If you can implement it
      it would help a lot.
      5• Replace dialog's "Replace with"
      field which should remember what was the 'to-be-replaced-with' string for a certain keyword & if use that keyword in the Replace dialog the 'Replace With' should automatically be filled with it's last replacement value.
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