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Re: [edit+] I need help to replace

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  • Doug Fortnam
    John, Thanks for sharing this. I have always been an avid VBA user and did not know about VB Express. I am going to try it out. Doug Fortnam dfortnam@aol.com
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 27, 2012
      Thanks for sharing this. I have always been an avid VBA user and did not know about VB Express. I am going to try it out.

      Doug Fortnam

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      From: John C Craig <jccraig@...>
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      Subject: Re: [edit+] I need help to replace

      This looks like a good time to jump in with yet another idea on how to
      solve this challenge. The code shown here removes all the numbers on each
      line up to and including the first space, and leaves the rest of the line

      Visual Basic Express is free, and it's extremely powerful. I like it a lot
      and it presents an awesome way to customize Editplus. Of course, I've
      written many books on VB for Microsoft Press and through Books To Believe
      In (great publisher), but VB really does provide an awesome way to
      customize Editplus. I'll show the basic steps here. (You can see my recent
      VB books at VB-Book.com, thank you.)

      Get Visual Basic Express from Microsoft. It's free forever, and it's
      Create a new console application. I named mine epZapNumbers.
      Copy the following code into its module. Note that for 99% of all
      "macros" you'll ever create with this technique, the only code
      you'll need to change is the lines between the two tilde characters
      lines. So this code serves as a great template...

      Module Module1

      Sub Main()

      Dim str As String
      Dim sB As New System.Text.StringBuilder
      Dim ch As Char
      Dim x As Integer

      'Read all of Stdin
      x = Console.Read()
      If x = -1 Then Exit Do
      ch = Convert.ToChar(x)

      'Process the contents
      str = Process(sB.ToString)

      'Output the results
      For i As Integer = 0 To str.Length - 1
      Console.Write(str.Substring(i, 1))

      End Sub

      Private Function Process(ByVal str As String) As String

      'Modify content string here
      Dim sA() As String = Split(str, vbNewLine)


      'Removes the number at the start of each line
      For i = 0 To sA.Length - 1
      sA(i) = sA(i).Substring(sA(i).IndexOf(" ") + 1)


      'Return a single string
      Dim ret As String = Join(sA, vbNewLine)
      Return ret

      End Function

      End Module

      Next compile the program to create epZapNumbers.exe in the project's
      Find the exe and copy it into your editplus settings folder.

      Now run Editplus and load the file with the 45000+ nicknames. Here's the
      tiny sample
      file I created to test this out...

      1 alfred
      2 john
      3 97Craig
      123 bigger number
      45123 17Sally

      In Editplus...
      View > Toolbars/Views > User Toolbar
      Pulldown the first wrench icon and select Configure User Tools
      A Preferences dialog pops up
      Categories > Tools > User Tools (on the left)
      Pulldown Group1 (or your choice of group)
      Click [Add Tool] button on the right
      Select "Program" in the popup menu
      Enter in the text fields...
      Menu text: "Zap Numbers"
      Command: Browse to selet the epZapNumber.exe file
      Action: Pulldown and select "Run as Text Filter (Replace)"

      That hooks up the console application to one of the wrench tool icons in
      Editplus, and you're now ready to go.

      If you select a few lines and then click on the correct wrench icon tool,
      the line numbers will go away on those lines only.

      If you don't select any lines, the whole file is processed.

      I hope this helps!

      JohnClarkCraig.com, Sun-Track.com
      LucidLights.com, LucidBrake.com, VB-Book.com
      WritersSummit.com, BooksToBelieveIn.com, Getting-Published.com
      ForTheWealthOfAll.com, Passivillionaire.com

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