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Version 3.41 Available

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  • mljones1947
    Version 3.41 (2012-05-03) * Supports Zen Coding. * Keep local copy ftp option ( FTP Settings - Advanced Options ). * File Name Search command
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2012
      Version 3.41 (2012-05-03)
      * Supports Zen Coding.
      * 'Keep local copy' ftp option ('FTP Settings'->'Advanced Options').
      * 'File Name Search' command in the Directory Window.
      * Ctags category option in Project dialog box.
      * 'Run as Text Filter (Copy Result)' user tool option.
      * Shell Menu command allows extended menu with SHIFT key.
      * 'Go To Definition' command now also shows file names in the candidate list.
      * Allows selecting the project INI file ('Manage Project'->'Project INI file').
      * Toolbar button for 'More Recent Files'.

      <Bug fixes>
      * Split window could cause program crash.
      * TR1 regular expression error could cause memory leaks.
      * Paste command didn't work if clipboard text was not available in Unicode.
      * .txt file extension could not be automatically appended if path contained '.'.
      * Word Highlighting couldn't highlight in split panes.
      * Go to Definition didn't work correctly with multiple candidates.
      * 'Next Function' command could be wrong with two function patterns.
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