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Re: Long lasting annoyances with "Reload working files on startup" + suggestions

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  • gingko_fr
    ... files that could not be opened in the Output window. Actually, this is exactly what I was suggesting. ... don t think that you really want this. That s why
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 30 9:55 AM
      --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, "mljones1947" <mljones1947@...> wrote:
      > I think that the best solution is your suggestion of displaying the
      files that could not be opened in the Output window.

      Actually, this is exactly what I was suggesting.

      > 2) No, this would skip remote files even if they are accessible. I
      don't think that you really want this.

      That's why I suggested it as an option, meaning that the EditPlus
      behavior wouln't change unless you go in the "PreferencesÂ…" dialog
      and check a (expected new) option, for example located just beyond the
      "Reload working files on startup" one, which could be named "Â…except
      if located on network or FTP".

      > 3) No, I hate "hidden" functionality.

      This should not be view as a "hidden" functionality, but rather as the
      only mean that could sometimes exists for being able to use Editplus if
      ever there was previously open files located on network shares and these
      network shares no longer exists.

      In that case, Editplus will freeze immediately at startup, whithout
      giving any chance to access any menu or command (needing to kill the
      application using the Task Manager), and sometimes the only solutions
      that I have for using it again are :

      * Powering up again the computer that is no longer available in
      network share in order to unlock Editplus, hoping that this computer is
      still available.

      * Wait for Editplus to timeout all of its network share loadings.
      This may need up to 5 minutes, maybe more if several networked files
      were open.
      * Delete the file named workspace_u.ini in %AppData%\EditPlus 3
      before reloading Editplus. Not very practical.

      With such an option, I could at least try again while keeping the
      "shift" key after having killed the frozen Editplus using the Task
      Manager, because now if I just try again, I will run again in the same
      freezing problem, as Editplus will try again to reload the same files.

      Actually, this is a kind of feature that I personally implemented on one
      of my own applications in order to solve a similar problem.

      I doubt that this kind of option could harm anybody, if people don't
      know that it exists, for them the application will just work as before.

      An alternative could also be to ignore only files located on network
      shares or FTP if the "shift" key is pressed on startup.


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