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Re: Question concerning "Run as text filter" and Linenumbers

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  • Michael L. Jones
    Using $(CurLine) as an argument sends the current line number.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 26, 2006
      Using $(CurLine) as an argument sends the current line number.

      --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, "loddi82" <lord_fox@...> wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > i have a problem with the "Run as text filter" option.
      > I have a lot of php-files in which i want to extract non-code-parts
      > (text like "Thank you for registereing on my site...") by selecting
      > them with the mouse, then i hit ctrl+1 and java application then
      > extracts the selected text and replaces it with the name of a
      > variable. In the java app, i add a line number to the variable befor
      > sending it back.
      > So far it works perfekt. But now i have the situation that there are
      > several of this non-code-parts in one line, and as they are all parts
      > of one sentence (I do the hole thing to get a file of my website which
      > can easily be translated into other languages), i must find a way to
      > mark them as "belonging together".
      > Now i ask you if there is a possibility to send the line number
      > together with the selected text to my java app, so i can check these
      > numbers and name the varibales accordingly, so i can later find out
      > that they belong to one sentence. (a sentence is always written in one
      > line in the php files)
      > Thank you very much
      > -Loddi
      > PS: excuse my english, i only had school-english ;)
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