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Re: [edit+] editplus after a while takes over CPU

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  • Waccoon
    ... Unless you do lots of games, Win2000 is likely to really speed up your computer compared to Win98. I was shocked how much faster my brother-in-law s
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 5, 2005
      > Thanks to both of you about XP. I hear you! I haven't done it because
      > of hardware limitations. I expect performance to degrade if I were to
      > move to XP, but I will be buying a new machine in the next few months,
      > which will solve that as Dell or someone will supply it with XP or I
      > will get something else - maybe like Win2000.

      Unless you do lots of games, Win2000 is likely to really speed up your
      computer compared to Win98. I was shocked how much faster my
      brother-in-law's laptop worked after putting on 2K; we were expecting a
      major performance loss! XP is a real hog, though, and sucks up tons of
      memory, especially with that stupid system restore "feature" turned on.

      I swear by Win2000, EditPlus, Apache, and Firefox. I just wish the
      price of Win2000 would come down some more. Paying virtually the same price
      for 2K and XP Pro is rediculous.

      > In the meantime, I'm going to try your suggestion, John, and just shut
      > it down every so often. Actually, now that I think about it, I tried
      > that, and it didn't work. I had to reboot. But I think it's worth
      > rebooting more often to be able to use EditPlus, so I'll do that.

      Due to memory leaks, I used to have to restart Win98 every few hours or

      > fwiw, I started using EditPlus again today, after posting here the
      > first time. I started a CPU monitor before starting EditPlus. The
      > usage figure has steadily worked its way up to 50% of CPU always
      > occupied. Without EditPlus running, i.e. using PFE instead, but doing
      > all the same work and everything else the same, the CPU monitor
      > reliably showed CPU usage in the teens. So, I can't escape the
      > conclusion that the culprit is EditPlus.

      It wouldn't surprise me that EditPlus really doesn't like Win98.
      Actually, I don't either. The task manager in 98 has never been very
      accurate or reliable.

      Perhaps the integrated web browser is the culprit?
      In Tools/Preferences/Tools/Select Browser, try selecting an external browser
      and see if that helps. I'm paranoid of plug-in applications.

      I've been using EditPlus for over a year and I haven't had any problems
      save for one weird crash -- far better than other editors I've used over the

      > Aleem, thanks for that idea. I don't have anything exotic running. In
      > fact, I regularly go through my startups to check for spyware etc and
      > I got rid of anything that was not essential when I first started
      > doing that - I can't stand crashes!

      I have to admit that when it comes to system crashes, it's almost always
      a driver that causes the problem.

      > I can't escape the conclusion that it is EditPlus, but nor can I
      > escape the conclusion that I want to use it - particularly given that
      > I will be moving to faster kit and XP or Win2000 or ??? in the near
      > future.

      Get an NT-based upgrade, and your problem will likely go away.

      -- Marc Leveille
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