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RE: [edit+] Problems Uploading PDF files onto website.

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  • Peter Goldsmith
    Thanks for that advice, It does seem that sending the files by binary solves the problem. Peter Goldsmith ... From: Aquarion [mailto:aq+yahoo@gkhs.net] Sent:
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 29, 2004
      Thanks for that advice,

      It does seem that sending the files by binary solves the problem.

      Peter Goldsmith

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      four_peterg wrote:

      >I have an intermittent problem here.
      >About half the the time when I upload a pdf file, created on my pc,
      >onto the website I
      >maintain, the pdf file is unreadable from the website.
      >I've tried all manner of things to rectify, but so far without
      >The pdf files are totally readable when put on other web pages & also
      >on email.
      >Other users of the website don't experience the same problem.
      >I've tried using other pdf writers, but without success.
      FTP has two modes, Ascii and Binary. Some FTP servers now ignore Ascii
      completely and automatically upload things in binary mode. Ascii mode
      mucks around with the line-breaks in the document to change them between
      whatever you send them as and whatever the server wants them to be. PDFs
      are binary files, so if you upload them as ascii to a server that
      accepts them as ascii, they're going to break.

      Because E+ is a text editor, it sends things as ascii by default. You
      can change this in the "Advanced FTP Settings" dialog window, but a far
      better solution is not to FTP binary documents with a text editor, and
      use a real FTP client (like FTP Explorer (ftpx.com), wsftp, or the
      windows file manager (Type ftp://username@... into explorer))
      which will automatically detect the type of file and send in the right
      mode by default.



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