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Re: spell checker error

The last time I checked, the spell checker only worked with the 32-bit version of EP. Did you install the 64-bit version? Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Michael L. Jones
May 5

spell checker error

I upgraded to 4.2.1217And installed (re-installed?) the spell checker. But now when I do a spell check, I get this message. Is that because it is on a Win
Bryan Norwine
May 4

'Extend Number Selection' menu option

The change list for latest EditPlus version ( https://www.editplus.com/trouble.html https://www.editplus.com/trouble.html ) includes this:
Mar 21

Re: How can I use a key file for SSH?

Nope. You can load as many keys as you want... although you do have to enter the password every time you reboot. And this works in many SSH/SFTP/SCP utilities
Dean Householder
Jan 18

Re: How can I use a key file for SSH?

No, you can use as many private keys as you want to load into pageant, and it is much easier to use pageant for one authentication location than to use Edit
Daniel Gibby
Jan 18

Re: How can I use a key file for SSH?

So it only allows for a single private key that has to be used for all sites? And I have to fuss with software other than EditPlus? I already use PuTTY, but
Eli Madden
Jan 18

Re: How can I use a key file for SSH?

Yes, just use the PAGEANT.EXE that comes with the PuTTY package. You can open your SSH private key into memory each time you reboot, then use EditPlus with
Dean Householder
Jan 17

How can I use a key file for SSH?

I've been using EditPlus for well over a decade and I love it. However, more and more sites that I work on on requiring that I use SSH with a key file. I
Jan 17

Has anyone figured out how to integrate csvfix as a User Tool?

The free software tool csvfix has many ways of manipulating CSV formatted files. In particular, it allows one to sort CSV files in fairly sophisticated ways.
Oct 30, 2016

Re: Command to insert file name

Years later and I would still love to have this feature. I looked for in in EditPlus 4.0 but didn't see anything. I tried creating a keystroke user tool
Oct 12, 2016

Re: Selectionless CTRL+C

Hi, Dean, Thanks for that. I recall I used one of those to great effect back in the 1990s, when I was a hotshot coder. I'm not sure how it happened, but over
J. Pujals
Sep 13, 2016

Re: Selectionless CTRL+C

dZ, I know you solved the problem already, but there's a great clipboard manager called Ditto, which keeps track of all clipboard items historically. There
Dean Householder
Sep 10, 2016

Re: Selectionless CTRL+C

DOH! I took 30 seconds to hunt down a possible option for this feature, and found it immediately: Edit > Clipboard > Copy on Selection Only I now have egg on
J. Pujals
Sep 9, 2016

Selectionless CTRL+C

Hi there, A few versions back (I'm sure it's been a long time, but I forget), a new behaviour was introduced in which invoking CTRL+C without a selection would
J. Pujals
Sep 9, 2016

Re: Ordering Edit Plus

You might try a different browser. I could browse the edit plus home page, enter my End user name, click on the Buy now link to go to the SWEG Shopping Basket
Aug 12, 2016
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