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Re: WORD Count

I'm pretty sure words are defined using the word-delimiter characters for each file type. I've also relied on it for years and never had a problem with
J. Pujals
Mar 21

Re: WORD Count

Edit -> Character Count shows number of words. Not sure how it defines a word, but I've relied on it for years. On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 3:15 AM, 'Srinivasulu
Peter Jarosak
Mar 21

Re: WORD Count

On 2015-03-20 03:15, 'Srinivasulu Bhattaram' bhattarams@... ... The current version of EditPlus is 3.80. You should consider updating, as many features
Tom Ditmars
Mar 20

Re: WORD Count

The Edit -> Character Count menu option counts characters in Unicode and ANSI, Words, and Lines. On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 1:15 AM, 'Srinivasulu Bhattaram'
Daniel Gibby
Mar 20

WORD Count

I am using Edit Plus 2.1 Is there a word count? If not I would like to have a macro or counting spaces. (Number of spaces +1 is the number of words) seena ...
Srinivasulu Bhattaram
Mar 20

Re: Spell Checker feature not supported in Windows 7?

Yes, unfortunately. I switched back to the 32-bit version because of this.
Mar 19

Re: FTP creds

I have all my EditPlus settings files (ini, program settings, stc, acp, ctl, templates) in C:\EditPlus 3. Couldn't I easily use the EditPlus Set Directories to
Mar 19

Spell Checker feature not supported in Windows 7?

Hello, In EditPlus v3.80 (961) 64-bit, running on Windows 7 SP1, I get this error message: "This feature is supported in Windows 8 and later only". I have used
Mar 18

Re: FTP creds

... That should work.
Mar 15

Re: FTP creds

I've been using Dropbox for some time now to help keep my desktop and laptop computer versions of Editplus synced. Here's how... There are only a few programs
Mar 15

Re: FTP creds

... That's great, thank you! ... You can, but typically you specify a specific 'Dropbox folder' and it only replicates the contents of that folder (onto each
Michael Wendell
Mar 14

Re: FTP creds

EP stores your FTP settings in the file ftp2_u.ini your AppData\Roaming\Edit Plus 3 folder. I assume that copying it to the second computer would work. You can
Mar 14

FTP creds

Does anyone know if it's possible to move all of my FTP credentials from my main PC to a new laptop without having to retype everything? Is there an Edit+ file
Michael Wendell
Mar 13

Re: Macro for selcting entire sentence

Your topic is about a sentence. Your description about a line. The latter is a standard function: Ctrl+R. Selecting a sentence is quite a challenge and
Jan 26

Re: RegEx that select a text surrounded by HTML tags

Yes, you got it. I'm afraid I can't do what I need using RegEx on Editplus. /sad Thank you anyways.
Jan 15
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