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6981Zen Coding

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  • John C Craig
    Nov 2, 2012
      I love Editplus, and have been using the zen coding feature since it was
      added to the previous version. If you use Editplus for HTML/CSS coding you
      really should take a close look at it. Now that I have Editplus 3.5 I
      checked, and no, there's still no supporting documentation in the Help
      files for zen coding. I took the time to pull together a complete set of
      documentation on zen coding and published it in a very economical Kindle
      book. ($2.99) You don't have to have a Kindle either, just download
      Amazon's free reader program, or use their web based cloud reader. So, if
      this interests you you can read more on Amazon's page...
      http://amzn.to/SFiT96 Meanwhile, is there any chance there'll be
      documentation for zen coding right in the Editplus help files? It's a
      fantastic feature for those of us editing web content, a perfect compliment
      to Editplus.

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