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6943Change seamless browser font size?

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  • barry_andrews
    Jul 26, 2012
      Hi, I'm using EditPlus 3.41 and would like to reduce the font size of
      the page as viewed in the inbuilt seamless browser (seems to be IE).

      I normally use Firefox as my default browser, so have set my pages to
      render correctly using a 10pt font. When the same page is viewed in IE
      external browser (currently 9.0) the font size is actually smaller
      (seems about 8 or 9) though I can adjust this using IE's View > Zoom >
      Zoom In/Out controls.

      On the other hand, the same page viewed in IE acting as a seamless
      browser seems to have a font size of about 12pt, a bit too large for me.
      I haven't found any way of varying this. EditPlus's Browser toolbar does
      have a Font button (red A on a white page background) and appears to
      enable me to set font size from Largest to Smallest, but this has no
      effect on the browser view. Neither scrolling nor the usual keyboard
      shortcuts work either.

      Is this function broken in EditPlus or is there some way to adjust
      seamless browser font size or maybe set its default to a different

      Thanks for any help here.