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6825RE: [edit+] FTP and subfolders

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  • Michael Wendell
    Jan 4, 2012
      Hell John,

      Simply choose the FTP account, then type the name of your folder into the
      field labeled "Subdirectory:".

      You'll need to know a little about your folder structure here, as I think
      how you type in the folder name is determined based on the root folder of
      your FTP server. For example, if the first thing you see when you FTP to
      this server is the folder containing your html, and your Images folder is a
      folder in that directory, you'll simply type: "/Images/" (sans quotes) in
      the Subdirectory box.

      Experiment a little, you may or may not need the trailing slash.

      My biggest complaint with the FTP feature is that when it fails (if, for
      example, I have chosen the wrong FTP account for that folder), then I have
      to start over, reselecting all of the files I wanted to upload. It should
      fail back into the FTP interface with everything still selected.


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      I've used Editplus for a long time (love it) but just recently started
      taking advantage of its FTP capabilities for website maintenance. I'm having
      trouble understanding how to upload files located in subfolders. For
      example, my site has an "image" folder where the jpg and png images on my
      pages reside, both locally and on the server. I've also got an "include"
      folder with text files in it that are included on my PHP pages. I'm
      struggling to understand how to FTP all these files without having to set up
      and choose a separate FTP settings arrangement for each folder. Any guidance
      would be greatly appreciated!


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