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6743Re: [edit+] regex input file?

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  • DZ-Jay
    Aug 11, 2011
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      Hello, Tom!

      There is no way to do this automatically in EditPlus, if by that you mean to replace all patterns at once. You'll have to search and replace each one individually. The upshot is that, once you do it, the search and replace patterns will be available for re-use in the drop-down lists. It's not much, but it works.

      For automatic replacement, you'll have to resort to either an external user tool, or some sort of script. I usually prefer the latter, but others in this list have devised user tools that may help.


      On Aug 10, 2011, at 19:22, t_cosmas wrote:

      > Is it possible to create a file with a number of pairs for automating a S&R?
      > For example, the code has text such as the following:
      > Vasari (v[:a]-s[:a]'r[=e]).
      > Velasquez (v[=a]-l[:a]s'k[=a]th).
      > Venetian (v[.=e]-n[=e]'sh[.a]n).
      > Venice (v[)e]n'[)i]s).
      > V[=e]'n[)u]s.
      > Veronese (v[=a]-r[=o]-n[=a]'z[.=a]).
      > V[)e]s[=a]'l[)i][)u]s.
      > Vi[)e]n'n[.a].
      > Vinci, Leonardo da (l[=a]-[=o]-n[:a]r'd[=o] da v[)i]n'ch[=e]).
      > Voragine, Jacopo de (y[:a]'k[=o]-p[=o] d[.a] v[=o]-r[:a]-j[=e]'n[.=a]).
      > V[)u]l'g[=a]te.
      > I want to replace the [=a]; [.a]; etc. with HTML encoded characters so the S&R input file would look like this:
      > [=a], ā
      > [)a], ă
      > [`a], à
      > ['a], á
      > [:a], ä
      > [.a], ȧ
      > [~a], ã
      > [=.a], ā̇
      > ...
      > Thanks.
      > Tom C.
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