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6741regex input file?

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  • t_cosmas
    Aug 10, 2011
      Is it possible to create a file with a number of pairs for automating a S&R?

      For example, the code has text such as the following:

      Vasari (v[:a]-s[:a]'r[=e]).
      Velasquez (v[=a]-l[:a]s'k[=a]th).
      Venetian (v[.=e]-n[=e]'sh[.a]n).
      Venice (v[)e]n'[)i]s).
      Veronese (v[=a]-r[=o]-n[=a]'z[.=a]).
      Vinci, Leonardo da (l[=a]-[=o]-n[:a]r'd[=o] da v[)i]n'ch[=e]).
      Voragine, Jacopo de (y[:a]'k[=o]-p[=o] d[.a] v[=o]-r[:a]-j[=e]'n[.=a]).

      I want to replace the [=a]; [.a]; etc. with HTML encoded characters so the S&R input file would look like this:

      [=a], ā
      [)a], ă
      [`a], à
      ['a], á
      [:a], ä
      [.a], ȧ
      [~a], ã
      [=.a], ā̇

      Tom C.
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