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6662Re: [edit+] Indented Comment lines

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  • DZ-Jay
    Mar 8, 2011
      On Jan 06, 2011, at 00:01, Stinger wrote:
      > Is there a way to set it up as a
      > #COMMENTON= *

      No, there is no way in EditPlus. The reason is that the Syntax Highlighting engine (as far as I can tell) parses the line first into tokens, based on the "word delimiting characters." There is no imaginable universe where the space is not a word delimiting character. Therefore, by the time a token is compared to the "comment on" character, it has been stripped of spaces.

      > #COMMENTOFF=(some way to identify end of line?)

      Sorry, but other than using the #LINECOMMENT directive, there is no way to directly match the end of character line. Unfortunately, the Syntax Highlight configurations take only strings, not regular expressions.

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