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6651Opening images - now CR/LF Errors

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  • ausgate1
    Feb 22, 2011
      Hi All,

      I'm new to this group, so apologise if this has been answered in the past (I tried searching the archive but couldn't find anything).

      I'm using EditPlus 3.11 (and have been using EditPlus for many years). On my previous machine (Windows XP) I could open up an image in the editor and use 'FTP' > 'Save as Remote' to transfer the image to the server.

      Since I have been using Vista on my laptop and my new Win 7 PC, I now get the "Invalid CR/LF or null character" error when opening the image, and if I choose to ignore it and transfer the file anyway the resulting saved file on the server is corrupt.

      Any ideas how to fix this?

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