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6648Affect All Open FIles - Create Archive (i.e. 7zip, rar, zip, etc)

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  • jsabarese
    Mar 5, 2011
      Hello. Funny story-- not really-- I tried joining the /group/ only to realize i've been a member. :-)


      Is there a known method by which, while working in EditPlus and having more than one file open, it is possible to archive the current instance of open files-- as in, perhaps-- "Send all open files to archive"?

      I'm aware of the Projects functionality, which isn't appropriate for the circumstance I face. For example, depending upon system configuration, EditPlus might be the default viewer for "readme.txt" files, as are set to open automatically on installation of new software. If EditPlus hasn't been used for programming in a while, sometimes these Readme files accumulate (if editplus is set to reopen previous docs). Whether the files are "readme" files, or open in EditPlus via some other method, or just-- for example-- a few random HTML and PHP files, instead of closing them for clearing the workspace, it might be nice to archive them for sorting later.

      Any ideas?

      thank you!
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