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6618Re: [edit+] Easier access for frequent editing.

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  • DZ-Jay
    Jan 6, 2011
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      Hi Tom,

      Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to do so. At least none that I could find. You may want to request that as a feature to Sangil Kim, the developer.


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      On Jan 6, 2011, at 16:30, Tom <spacecon@...> wrote:

      > The left-hand "Directory" window always sorts alphabetically, but 99% of my need is editing "index.html" files. (and sometimes "main.html)
      > Sometimes, depending on how many lower-named files exist, the "index.html" is buried way down in the bottom third of the longer listings.
      > NOT a big deal, but as one handicapped with old Polio limitations, is there a way to have the directory be sorted automatically by last date accessed?
      > THANKS
      > Tom
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