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6616Indented Comment lines

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  • Stinger
    Jan 5, 2011
      Hi all,

      I'm wondering if anyone has been able to figure out, how to handle
      'indented comment' lines?

      I have 3 different types of line comments:
      1- '*' at the beginning of a line #LINECOMMENT=^!*
      2- ';*' at the end of a program command line #LINECOMMENT2=;*

      These two work great for these instances, however
      3- I also have indented comment lines.
      Where there could any number of spaces/tabs prior to the '*'
      If I remove the '^!' of '#LINECOMMENT=^!*'
      I get comment shading whenever I use multiplication (*)
      command lines through the end-of-line.

      Is there a way to set it up as a
      #COMMENTON= *
      #COMMENTOFF=(some way to identify end of line?)

      I have tried '\n', '^\n', and '\\n' but none of them work.

      Does anybody know how to do this????


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