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6591Check for modifications is OFF but switching editing tab to a remote file still has a delay - why?

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  • Aleem Juma
    Sep 4, 2010
      I have two files open in EP, one remote and one local. I make a change to
      the remote file and save. I switch to the local file, make no changes and
      switch back to the remote file.
      Switching to the local file is instantaneous but switching to the remote
      file incurs a delay of a couple of seconds.

      I have the "Check file modification when activated" switch turned OFF.

      Can anyone give me a hint as to why switching to the remote file is not as
      quick as to the local file? What is EP doing that means it can't just
      display what's in memory? Is it checking that the file's still there or has
      been modified? If so, why, if the switch I mentioned above is off? Is there
      another option I need to check or uncheck?

      All thoughts/opinons/recommendations welcome!

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