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6516Re: [edit+] deprecated code

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  • Marc Seiler
    Mar 14, 2010
      There are 2 files you can edit and update to fix your sniplets they
      are html4.ctl and html.ctl they are in the EditPlus folder thats in your
      program files.

      On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:40 PM, Turk <scott724@...> wrote:

      > just started using Editplus, I clicked on the script button an it
      > produced. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      > There is no attribute "language" it has been deprecated.
      > The required attribute is "type" and the type="text/javascript"
      > <script type="text/javascript"> is now the correct form.
      > Is there any other deprecated code and will it be fixed?

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