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6499Re: [edit+] Help ! Editplus wont show full ID in one column

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  • Daniel Gibby
    Feb 3, 2010
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      Although I'm sure I don't know what an SPSS file is, I think the problem you
      are having is having to do with the conversion into ASCII from whatever SPSS
      is. The reason I say that is that EditPlus is a straight text editor; it
      doesn't convert numbers to look different than what they are actually saved

      In other words, it is Notepad for Windows on Steroids. What you see in
      Notepad or Editplus is the straight text as saved in the document; (except
      in EditPlus's case, it is a syntax-highlighted and character enhanced
      rendering of the straight text).

      So, the problem you are having is probably in the file before it reaches
      EditPlus. Hopefully you have a way of exporting to ASCII without the number


      On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 1:12 PM, amenasce <andrew.menasce@...> wrote:

      > Hi
      > I am new to Edit plus. I saved an SPSS file as a ASCII. In this file i have
      > a column where the IDs are saved (ex : 126421830376478.00 ) but edit plus
      > will only show 1E+014.
      > How can i see the full ID ?
      > Thanks !

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