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  • DZ-Jay
    Sep 5 3:09 AM
      In my case, ticking or unticking the box had no effect until I closed
      all currently opened files and started anew. I admit that the option
      is buggy. I personally have it unticked because I like going back to
      the directory of the active file; however, this doesn't work too well:
      once in a while, it doesn't go to the right directory, but to the
      previous one it had opened; ignoring the directory of the currently
      active document.

      I don't use the option ticked, but I can imagine it being buggy that
      way too. Perhaps we should file a bug report.


      Early bird may get the worm.. but the second mouse gets the cheese.

      On Sep 04, 2009, at 23:11, pja wrote:

      > dz@... wrote:
      >> t_cosmas wrote:
      >>> --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com <mailto:editplus%40yahoogroups.com>,
      >> Johan Hartin
      >> <johanhartin@...> wrote:
      >>>> Tick 'Working directory follows active document'
      >> in Preferences/General.
      >>>> Works for me.
      >>>> //Johan Hartin
      >> The option is now the opposite:
      >> File Open dialog restores previous directory
      >> Be careful, this option is exactly the opposite as
      >> the previous one. If you check it, it means that
      >> EditPlus will use the last directory you used
      >> whenever you try to open a file.
      > Thanks for the feed back. dz is correct, I presumed it was this
      > setting
      > that Johan was talking about.
      > I know we all work differently but ticking "File open dialog
      > restores..." does not seem to help (ticked or un-ticked). By changing
      > the "Places Bar" I have all the common places where I am likely to be
      > working on code and documents available in the one spot and its very
      > easy to implement.
      > Regards,
      > Peter
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