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6387Unable to Read Korean with English Windows Vista, The Solution

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  • sstevenkim
    Aug 31 8:42 PM
      I made an iquiry to this forum about being unable to read Korean in a
      HTML file in EditPlus. I have had communication with the tech support of
      EditPlus (Mr. Sangil Kim) and finally came to the solution.
      As this problem can happen to all other guys with English OS, I am
      summarizing the solution here.

      My OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit English edition)

      There are two-step processes.

      1. TOOL-Preferences-Font: Choose Korean font such as "Gulim"
      Tool-Preferencs-Font-Language: Choose "Hangul"

      2. FILE-OPEN, Then go to "Encoding" at the bottom of the window.
      You click the down arrow to choose encoding.
      The problem is that in English Windows, there's no choice of
      "Korean" visible at the drop down menu. You have to import.
      Just right of the encoding blank, you see the "search" button.
      This doesn't have any word of search but it has three small dots.
      Click this square with three small dots. Then you will be given
      a whole series of foreign languages.
      Among them, click the "Korean 949" at the right column. Then, click the
      left arrow between the column to move "Korean 949" to the left column.
      This will put "Korean 949" in the encoding drop-down menu.
      Now, go back to File-Open-Encoding and then choose "Korean 949" before
      you open any HTML file.
      Then, I was able to see Korean very well in the HTML file.

      My sincere thanks to those who came to help me.
      And many thanks to EditPlus tech support.

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