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6291Major XPPro HD crash, reinstalled EP3.1..

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  • JVRudnick
    Jun 1, 2009
      Hello all...
      perhaps someone can answer this question for me, as I've not been able to get the latest EP.3.1 to show any files in it's Seamless Browser as of today.

      had a major crash of XPPro/SP3 reinstalled, EP.3.1 reinstalled and chose the wwwroot folder in the Tools > Preferences > Server tab to set the normal wwwroot folder as the proper website.

      now, can NOT get a plain-jane <html> or <asp> page to even show up...YET...when I go to this folder C:\Documents & Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\EditPlus\ folder, and if I load a test file from THAT folder, it shows up fine in EP.


      can someone point out to me what I need to do to get the dang wwwroot folder set-up as the proper folder....


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