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6279EditPlus 3 Locks up Vista 64 Ultimate PC on Exit

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  • arbra_email
    May 16, 2009
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      As a longtime user of Editplus 2 (now version 3.10) I've never had a problem with it until I got a new ThinkPad T500 running Vista 64 Ultimate.

      Editplus 3 opens and edits a file just fine, but sometimes when I go to close Editplus, it locks the machine completely (well almost)! I've got Task Manager up and running when I've tested this, but no keyboard (even Cntrl-Alt-Del) or mouse clicks will let me do anything (but the mouse still moves so it's not really completely locked). So far the only solution is to turn off the machine.

      As I'm writing this I just thought to try running EditPlus 3 as an Administrator, so I'll try to see if that works, but I shouldn't really have to run it in Admistrator Mode.

      Anyone else experience problems on 64-bit OS's or lock ups as described?