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6274Re: [edit+] EditPlus, VIM, tab spacing

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  • Aleem Juma
    May 16, 2009
      2009/5/16 DZ-Jay <dz@...>:
      > On May 15, 2009, at 14:16, Mark Kahn wrote:
      >> Anyway, it doesn't matter for indentation purposes.  if you use tabs
      >> it'll
      >> look right no matter how a tab is interpreted.
      > You are still assuming equally space tab stops, which are not
      > necessarily the case.

      Even with differently spaced tab stops, each level of code will be at
      a *different* indentation which is all that counts e.g.

      // tabs at spaces 4 and 6 i.e. not equally spaced
      function foo (bar) {
      ....if (bar) {
      ....} else {

      >> Basically tab stops should be n * "width of one space character".
      > Isn't that the same as forcing your own personal preference on
      > others?  I'm being purposely facetious here, to show the flaw in your
      > argument.  Although I grant that your suggestions are valid and based
      > on common-sense (and close to my own preferences, too), I do not agree
      > with your unwavering assertion that it is The One True Way.

      Agreed - I guess the "n spaces" tab width would make most sense with
      fixed-width fonts, and exact widths with variable-width fonts but
      again, each to their own when it comes to how your tab widths are set
      (I guess it would also depend somewhat on the capabilities of the

      > Also, my comment regarding curly-braces was meant as a joke, alluding
      > to the other religious war frequently waged in the Internet.

      emacs is dead... long live vi !! ;-)

      >        dZ.
      > --
      > "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate"
      >        -- Occam's Razor
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