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6257Re: [edit+] EditPlus, VIM, tab spacing

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  • Bronius Motekaitis
    May 13, 2009
      Hmm.. It sounds like a difference between spaces vs tabs and actually font
      size as well. You might verify that your fonts are fixed-width (I imagine
      you've not gone and customized your ssh/telnet to muck with vim settings, so
      this is likely an easy check in View>>Screen Font in EditPlus), and verify
      that you're using spaces or tabs in both and that the tabs tab over the same
      number of columns in both editors.


      On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 1:08 PM, allthenamesrtook <
      allthenamesrtook@...> wrote:

      > When I tab things to line up in editplus, then use vim to edit a file, they
      > are far from matching up. Anyone else run into this? Ideas?

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