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  • Peter Anderson
    Aug 9, 2008
      Hi! I have a feeling that EditPlus would open files and automatically
      convert tabs to spaces if the "Settings and Syntax" configuration for
      that file type was so configured. For example opening a HTML file from
      the "View source" menu option of my browser would open the file in
      EditPlus and convert any tabs to spaces.

      Actually the same scenario could be applied to file file encodings where
      I thought these to were automatically converted to your chosen form.

      Recently (I think - but may be having a seniors moment) this seems to
      have changed and the files are opening with tabs not converted.

      I have a couple of questions:

      1. Did EditPlus used to automatically convert tabs to spaces on file
      opening (and saving)?
      2. Does it still do this conversion?
      3. And if so how do I configure it to do it with the latest version (and
      patch upgrade)?

      *Peter Anderson*
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