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5915Edit Plus w/ Unicode and ANSI?

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  • fasterbadder
    May 13, 2008
      Hi. I have what might be an unusual question. We use EditPlus to
      edit our web pages, which covers companies worldwide. EditPlus is
      great because you can color code and use HTML, JavaScript, Visual
      Basic, etc. all together, and it makes things much more clear and
      easier to handle.

      We are currently in the midst of a translation project, making
      versions of our pages for countries worlwide. Our latest challenge
      in including a Thai translation. The challenge is that the Thai
      language is a 2-byte "unicode" language.

      The transaltions we received are in an Excel spreadsheet, and look
      great there, and pasted in Outlook, and anything else that supports
      the display of the Unicode. But when we copy and paste the Thai
      text into EditPlus, we just get control characters, because EditPlus
      does not seem to support them. If we try to re-load with Document,
      Reload, Unicode, instead of showing the Thai parts as Thai and the
      ANSI parts as ANSI, it all turns everything to control characters.

      This is the kind of thing we are doing:

      switch (index) {
      case 1:
      document.write('<h1>Warranty Measurement
      case 2:
      document.write("<h1>Systme d'analyse de la

      Is there a way to configure edit Plus to show both Unicode and ANSI
      characters in the same file?

      For instance, this Thai shows up on the EditPlus site entry screen
      (though on the Preview it looks liek control characters):

      Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
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