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5765Re: Please bring the 2.x app icon back

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  • milen.radev
    Mar 1, 2008
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      --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, "Gary" <gchoma@...> wrote:
      > I must say that I like the old icon much better for 2 reasons: The red
      > is nicer and there's no "++" cluttering it when on the Win task bar.
      > Some of the best icons are the simplest ones because they are more
      > easily recognized (I guess because your brain doesn't have to spend
      > more milliseconds processing the complicated image it sees). Trying to
      > cram too much info in a 16x16 pixel block just degrades the overall
      > effectiveness of being, well, an icon.

      Exactly my thoughts.

      > Also, there's varying degrees of screen sizes, resolutions,
      > brightness, quality, contrast, lighting conditions, people's vision
      > quality, etc. Try reading a small laptop screen at high resolutions
      > while sitting outside in bright day light...not so easy to distinguish
      > that Firefox icon from the new EditPlus one now is it?
      > For me, I differences in the icons is actually useful because I'm
      > running both v2 and v3 at the same time. This allows me to have two
      > sets of files opened.

      May be the option named "General -> Allow Multiple Instances" would be
      useful here?

      > For instance, my dev files that I'm working on are opened in v3, while
      > a single debug log file is open in v2. During web development, this
      > minimizes the constant nagging prompt "The file has changed outside
      > it's application, do you wish to reload". I realize you can turn this
      > prompt off, but in most cases, I want that on. The log file viewing is
      > the main exception. It would be nice to be able to ignore that prompt
      > by file type (for .log files, load automatically, otherwise prompt to
      > reload external changes).

      Use something like "tail" for windows. Most certainly they're ported
      it to win32 (google gnuwin32). Also I remember using some GUI version
      of tail for windows (search for it too).

      > Hmmm. Maybe I should request that as a feature. And the old icon can
      > be thrown back in there at the same time ;)
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