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5764Re: Please bring the 2.x app icon back

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  • Gary
    Mar 1, 2008
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      I must say that I like the old icon much better for 2 reasons: The red
      is nicer and there's no "++" cluttering it when on the Win task bar.

      Some of the best icons are the simplest ones because they are more
      easily recognized (I guess because your brain doesn't have to spend
      more milliseconds processing the complicated image it sees). Trying to
      cram too much info in a 16x16 pixel block just degrades the overall
      effectiveness of being, well, an icon.

      Also, there's varying degrees of screen sizes, resolutions,
      brightness, quality, contrast, lighting conditions, people's vision
      quality, etc. Try reading a small laptop screen at high resolutions
      while sitting outside in bright day light...not so easy to distinguish
      that Firefox icon from the new EditPlus one now is it?

      For me, I differences in the icons is actually useful because I'm
      running both v2 and v3 at the same time. This allows me to have two
      sets of files opened.

      For instance, my dev files that I'm working on are opened in v3, while
      a single debug log file is open in v2. During web development, this
      minimizes the constant nagging prompt "The file has changed outside
      it's application, do you wish to reload". I realize you can turn this
      prompt off, but in most cases, I want that on. The log file viewing is
      the main exception. It would be nice to be able to ignore that prompt
      by file type (for .log files, load automatically, otherwise prompt to
      reload external changes).

      Hmmm. Maybe I should request that as a feature. And the old icon can
      be thrown back in there at the same time ;)
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