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5762Re: [edit+] Please bring the 2.x app icon back

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  • Brett Patterson
    Feb 29, 2008
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      milen.radev wrote:
      > --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, DZ-Jay <dz@...> wrote:
      > [...]
      >> Ok, fair enough. I hate to sound pedantic on this, and I mean no
      >> offence, but couldn't you just get used to the new shade of red after
      >> using it for a few days, the same as you got used to the original one?
      > Well, one of the human qualities is that we get used to almost
      > everything. So the real question is "Should we"?
      > My only reason for this complaint is that it's much more difficult to
      > distinguish between the new icon and the Firefox' one. And I have
      > plenty of the latter on my taskbar (I don't use tabs).
      Not to be a stickler or anything, but ....
      Firefox is circular, E+ is square.... I can tell the difference
      perfectly fine on my screen. Also, the difference between the
      orange-ish color of the FF icon against the red of E+ is very
      noticeable. Perhaps your screen colors need tweaking....

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