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575Re: decrease indent

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    Apr 3, 2002
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      I had this problem when I loaded Trillian. It was grabbing
      some of the keystrokes before E+ got to see them. If you're
      using Trillian, look at the preferences, under Events, then
      the Advanced tab. If you're not using Trillian, try
      shutting other stuff down.

      (Trillian is an IM/chat client: http://www.trillian.cc/)

      > Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 16:28:23 -0000
      > From: "edgar1369" <edgar1369@...>
      > Subject: decrease indent
      > I am trying to decrease the indent but for some reason
      > when I do the
      > Ctrl+Shift+I to decrease the indent nothing happens. But
      > if I Ctrl+I
      > to increase the indent it works. Is there some pref I am
      > missing or
      > is this a glitch in the software. I do not see anythin
      > about it in
      > the bug reports. So if any one could help me I would
      > greatly
      > appreciate it.
      > Thanks in Advance.
      > James Edgar

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