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5659Version 3 HTML Toolbar Customization

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  • T Cosmas
    Feb 12, 2008
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      If you are as stumped as I was as to why the modifications to various
      acp files (e.g., htmlbar.acp) do not seem to take if you alter the acp
      in the EditPlus 3 folder, that is because EditPlus apparently uses the
      user's copy of the files under a hidden folder
      C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\EditPlus 3\

      So, you need to copy the modified versions from EditPlus 2 (I'll let
      you guess what hidden folder that is in :-]) over to this one.

      Then, EditPlus 3 will use them. Copying them into the EditPlus 3
      folder under C:\Program Files\ (or wherever you installed it) DOES NOT
      do the trick.

      Hopefully, this will be addresses in the next 'bug' fix.

      But I guess that each user on the machine may have their own modified
      version. Still, some instructions on how to get "your" copy in place
      before you wind up deleting them would have been very helpful.

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