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5390Re: Scrolling with the mouse scroll wheel when a window is "split"

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  • DBaldon
    Oct 1, 2007
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      I'm just now getting back to looking into this. The first thing I did
      was download the latest version and fixes to see if the behavior was
      changed. For me, it has not not. The same behavior I described in my
      original post still exists.

      --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, "Michael L. Jones" <mljones1947@...>
      > I can't reproduce the behavior you described. When I click in either
      > pane to give it focus, that pane scrolls with the mouse scroll wheel
      > no matter where the mouse pointer is located. (I am using the latest
      > beta version, so it's possible that something was fixed. BTW, a
      > release candidate is being tested, so the new version will probably be
      > out be out soon.)
      > Regarding scrolling based on mouse pointer position rather than window
      > focus, I think that would violate the principle of the mouse impacting
      > the window (pane, etc.) with focus.
      > There is an "X-Mouse" setting in TweakUI that emulates the X-Windows
      > standard of giving focus to the window the mouse pointer is over.
      > Maybe you should investigate that.
      > Oops. I just checked it out, and the split panes in EditPlus do not
      > receive focus when under the mouse pointer. Not being an X-Windows
      > guy, I don't know if the standard is supposed to apply to split panes.
      > If it is, the problem is in the X-Windows emulation, because Excel
      > behaves the same as EditPlus.
      > --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, "DBaldon" dbaldon@ wrote:
      > >
      > > I have noticed that if I have a window split (using the splitter bar
      > > or Split command) I have to have the mouse pointer in the lower pane
      > > for the scrolling to occur in the upper pane. If the lower pane has
      > > the focus the mouse pointer can be in either the upper or lower pane
      > > and the scrolling will occur. It seems to me that the pane that has
      > > the focus should scroll regardless of the location of the mouse
      > > pointer OR the pane that the mouse pointer is over should scroll. My
      > > personal preference is the latter. I don't think you should need to
      > > change the focus for the scrolling to occur.
      > >
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