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5292Re: 回复: [edit+] Indent entire block with c liptext?

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  • Richard Grevers
    Jun 14, 2007
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      On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 18:37:43 +1200, 蔡卫光 <wayground@...> gave
      utterance to the following:
      > > lists@... 写道: It is possible to create a
      > cliptext > which indents the first line of the selected code that it
      > surrounds, e.g.
      > >
      > > <MvIF EXPR="{ }">
      > > ^!
      > > </MvIF>
      > >
      > > (where the ^! is preceded by a tab character).
      > > My question is, is there any way to make it increase the indent the
      > entire block of selected text? If not, consider it a feature request.
      > in fact, you can select the block and press CTRL+I to indent the whole
      > block.
      That is what I end up doing at present: I select text, use the cliptext,
      which leaves the cursor at the end of the selection. So I then have to
      find the beginning of the original selection + 2 lines (because one has
      been indented) shift-click to select and then tab to indent.
      I guess that it would be possible to indent first, but years of muscle
      memory fights against that.

      Richard Grevers
      I'm lactose intolerant - I get really annoyed driving behind slow milk
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