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5226Re: editplus for OSX and linux too!

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  • Damien
    May 2, 2007
      > Yeah, and while you're at it, I want an editplus for Linux too.
      > I've tried the other editors in Linux and can work with them when I
      > have to, but I still prefer to do my coding in editplus. It's one of
      > the main reasons why I'm still using windows.

      Yup, I've been using EditPlus under wine in my job for over a year
      now. It's fully do-able :)

      Have a look at http://editplus.info/wiki/Running_on_Linux which will
      help. I had to mess around a bit with the compatibility mode to get
      user scripts running, and I can't capture output, but it's 90% of the
      way there.

      There are a few other glitches... select boxes don't clear, window
      redrawing is noticeable (but still instant), and I've never tried FTP.