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5184problems not recognizing invalid cr lf in document

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  • Marsha Hedrick
    Mar 24, 2007
      hello I've been using edit plus and had some issues. It seems
      sometimes it will save files with little squares instead of the whole
      cr/lf even though I have it set for pc files. They look just fine in
      Edit Plus with new lines in all the right places but if you open the
      file in note pad there are little squares instead of the newline
      symbol and there are no new lines. Plus when some of these files get
      uploaded to the server they don't work properly. Actually that is how
      I discovered the problem. I uploaded the file and I get this error
      something about syntax error or improper $end on line 1. So I load it
      up again in Edit plus to see what I screwed up but it looks just fine.
      So I thought maybe it didn't upload to the server right tried again
      same result.
      Then I thought to look at it in note pad have no idea why just did.
      When I opened it up in notepad I discover all lines are run together
      with the little squares. I tried taking one or two of the squares out
      and saving the file then re-opening it in Edit plus then it recognizes
      it and says 'invalid cr/lf etc.' Anyone else ever had this problem?
      Have any idea why it does this?

      I have discovered it has done this to dozens of files. Nearly all of
      which are php files but some are just html files as well.