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5071Re: Tool Output Pattern Question

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  • Dan Anderson
    Feb 1, 2007
      --- In editplus@yahoogroups.com, DZ-Jay <dz@...> wrote:
      > On Jan 31, 2007, at 09:41, Dan Anderson wrote:
      > > Does anyone know if it is possible to setup the output pattern of a
      > > tool to jump to a line in the current active file buffer (rather than
      > > specifying a file name)? I have a tool that does not output the file
      > > name and can be run on an unsaved file buffer. I would like to be
      > > able to follow line references to the currently active file buffer.
      > > If I setup a custom output pattern with a regular expression to get
      > > the line, but not to get the file name (left as "none"), it does not
      > > work.
      > I think you have to specify the current file as the filename. It is
      > possible, this is how EditPlus itself does it with the Search In Files.
      > dZ.

      That's the problem. If the file is not saved yet, it doesn't have a
      filename. The search in documents does exactly what I would like to
      do with my tool. It uses the buffer name (e.g. "NoName1" in the
      output). When configuring a tool, there's no way to get the name for
      an unsaved file. If the $FileName argument is used, it prompts to
      save the file (which I often don't want to do) if it has never been saved.
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