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  • DZ-Jay
    Jan 24, 2006
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      CTRL+F3 is your friend. It will automatically select and search for the
      the "word" currently under the cursor. A "word" is defined by the
      word-delimiter characters specified in the currently active .stx file.
      This bypasses the Find window.

      CTRL+SHIFT+F3 will do the same but search backwards.

      You only need to use the CTRL key once (to select and start the search),
      after that just F3 or SHIFT+F3 will continue the search as you are
      already aware.


      ~ Wanna Be Guru ~ wrote:
      > Gurus:
      > Can anybody give me pointers of how I can do a quick search.
      > With Quick search I mean, I select some text (for example I selected FUNCTION text) in a file and hit some combination of keys and I go to the next matching selected text ( i.e i would go to next instance of the FUNCTION text)
      > I know I can do this by a longer way of copy the text , CTRL + F, CTRL+V, Hit Search button and then F3 for next instances.
      > I am just trying to find shortcuts.
      > I tried recording key strokes, but somehow it did not like it.
      > Thanks in advance
      > WBG
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