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4420Re: [edit+] Re: EditPlus on Linux

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  • David Millet
    Jan 11, 2006
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      Hi Herb,

      > 2. User tools; have not tried to run Windows programs (under wine) as
      > userĀ  tools yet, but couldnt figure a way to trigger any local Unix
      > programs...

      I gave it a run, never used User Tools before, but it seems quite handy.

      With the latest version of Wine (0.9.5) I created a folder in the windows

      cd ~/.wine/drive_c/
      mkdir "Linux Program Links"

      Then I created a symlink to the gimp executable in that directory and named it

      ln -s /opt/gnome/bin/gimp Linux\ Program\ Links/gimp.exe

      Then when creating the user tools, i browsed to gimp.exe ... and now gimp
      launches when I click that User Tool!

      I hope this helps you out.

      David Millet
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