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4416Re: Can a RegExp replace handle incrementing a number?

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  • kraemz
    Jan 10, 2006
      Oh wow... thanks *so* much Mark! I never expected you to do all the
      work for me. This is a great kindness, and I really appreciate your
      effort. It works like a charm! (I'm not sure how I managed to make
      you like me, but hey, I won't complain! You've proven pretty likeable
      yourself ;)

      I haven't had a lot of time to play with it yet, since I'm on my way
      out the door, but I'll experiment more tomorrow. One of the things
      I'll be looking into is whether I can modify the code to pass the
      first two required lines as arguments for the text filter, since,
      while I understand the great versatility of what you've written, for
      my purposes the search and replace parameters will rarely change (I
      can see the need to decrement on occasion, but that's dead simple
      with what you've provided). I'm also curious to see whether I can run
      the filter from the cursor location rather than over the entire file
      (I actually just tried this, and it seems to work, as long as I
      select the desired lines, and as long as the first two selected lines
      are the search and replace expressions). I'll check all this out in
      more depth tomorrow, and will report my findings.

      Thanks very much once again, Mark!
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