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4363Re: [edit+] Unable to replace string

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  • DZ-Jay
    Nov 29, 2005
      max_ridele wrote:
      > I am trying to do a search/replace using the following strings:
      > ^[^"]([^ \n\t]* [^ \n\t]+)([^\n]*[\n])
      > To be replaced by
      > "\1","\2"
      > The first part works great. It finds exactly what I am looking for,
      > it is the replace function that is upsetting me. I am not able to
      > replace this string with anything. I am able to make other search and
      > replaces just fine. I am using Windows XP, EditPlus 2.20 (303)(Its
      > the latest patch), but I have also tried it with an install without
      > the patch.
      > Has anyone else seen this sort of issue, and if so, what can I do?

      Can you offer a sample string that you are searching and what you are
      expecting to extract/replace from it?

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