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4145Autocompletion limitations ?

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  • ybilik
    Sep 6, 2005

      I would like to write a .acp file in order to format "stories". For
      example, I need something like:
      -- Someone there ? he asked.
      To be formatted like:
      - Someone there ? he asked.
      The "-" should be replaced with a kind of long "-", which is a special
      character (named "demi cadatrin" in french, dunno english word for it).
      The space between "there" and "?" should be replaced with a
      non-breakable space (  in HTML).

      The "--" sequence is correctly handled by the .acp file, but when I
      type " ?", no sucstitution is done, even if I type " ? " (with
      additional space afetr the sign).
      It seems stand-alone characters like ?!:; are not handled by the
      autocompletion file.
      I've also tried sth like "#T=^?" with the caret, but it does not work.

      Is there a special syntax to be used here ? Any idea ?